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5 Activities on Fitness Friday for Young Children

Every Kid Healthy Week is an annual celebration to encourage schools and families to improve the health and wellness of children. The Every Kid Healthy Week is scheduled on 20th – 24th April this year. Each day of the week shines a spotlight on the great actions that linked to nutrition, physical activity, mental health and learning!

We’re happy to be taking part in spreading the word by posting on our blog every day this week. The last theme of the week is Fitness Friday! We have listed up some indoor fitness activities to keep your kids moving.

1. Headstand

Headstand is one of the great and easy fitness activities for core muscles. It can improve upper body strength, flexibility, digestion of kids. Not to remember that safety is crucial when guiding kids doing a headstand. You may use the wall to start with.

2. Jump roping

Jump roping is easy to learn, inexpensive, and great fitness activity. There are so many benefits to jumping rope, with the greatest benefit is it helps to improve cognitive function and improve motor skills of kids. If you don’t have any jump rope at home, get one now and start teaching your kids now! You can make it much more fun and difficult when played with other 2 family members holding the ends of the rope for kids to jump in.

3. Red light, green light

Never heard of this game? This definitely is your childhood games as well but it has a different name in Malaysia. This “Red Light, Green Light” games also known as “1,2,3, Pinocchio” or “Pukul Berapa Datuk Harimau”. This is a simple game to build executive function through play as well!

4. Indoor obstacles course

Building indoor obstacles is something that you can be done if you want to integrate movement and exercise into it. But of course, you have to get a little bit of creativity in designing the obstacle course. Building ten stations is recommended for most kids. Each station contains a different activity or challenge that your kids must complete before more forward to the next station. Also, you can make the obstacle course simple at first and change the stations as they’re mastered. Here are some of the ideas of building an obstacle course.

5. Scavenger hunt

It is about to get kids moving today. You can create a simple and easy scavenger hunts to make them looking for treasures. Hide the treasures all over the backyard or throughout the house and have kids to find each clue. You can sneak even more exercise into this activity, include requirements with each clue, such as “do 5 jumping jacks before moving on”, or “Make up a funny dance”. These requirements can make the hunt a little more fun.

In a nutshell, exercise doesn’t have to be boring. You can have much more fun ways to make your kid move around and make them active all the time.