Unfold your child's potential for a healthy and happy life today with our Novamil products.

Novamil Formula Milk Products

The Guaranteed Quality

With European quality standards, each tin of formula milk goes through 700 checkpoints to ensure that every part of the process meets the highest standards in Europe. This process starts right from when the milk is collected and continues through all the steps of making and packaging. You can trust us on this.

Novamil KID DHA

Novalac Novamil KID DHA

Premium milk powder supports children's health through SmartGrowth360° and is free from GMO, antibiotics, rBST hormones & sucrose.


Novamil KID IT

Novalac Novamil KID IT

An advanced milk formula that contains 30 essential nutrients with Omega 3 & 6. Novamil KID IT uses SmartGut360° that works through a 4-fold action to manage constipation by improving Intestinal Transit (IT) time.


Novamil 1+

Novalac Novamil 1+

The milk formula contains 29 essential nutrients for a well-balanced nutrition. It's enriched with tocopherols (a form of Vitamin E) to boost children’s immunity. 3 glasses/day will meet 100% RNI of Vitamin A, B complex, C, K, Zinc & Iron.