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Novalac Novamil


Novalac Novamil milk formulas are all sucrose-free and made suitable for growing up children, from as young as 1 years old. The formula was first introduced in France in the 1980s and became a leading brand for over 20 years in the country. Novamil quickly gained popularity for its high-quality growing-up formula milk and its therapeutic effectiveness globally, including in Malaysia. Novamil only sources ingredients of non-genetically modified origin and from cows that are not injected with rBST hormones and antibiotics. From farm to factory, our milk is safely handled and manufactured under strict quality control before being formulated into our sucrose-free formula milk. 100% imported from France/Germany. Strictly follows EU regulations to provide the best quality of milk formula in Malaysia. Buy Novamil Formula Milk Powder for your child’s optimum growth today.

Origin of Novamil

milk treatment and certifications


The production of Novamil milk is carefully controlled, and ensures the exceptional quality that your little one deserves. To give your child the best nutrients, all Novamil formulas contain fresh milk, which involves strict quality control on the food, environment and even to the health of the milk-producing cows. Only ingredients of non-genetically modified origin and with the highest quality are used in our products.

To ensure the freshness of the milk, our factory is located within 200 kilometres from the farms. We strictly abide by the procedures for completing the milking to the factory reception within 24 to 48 hours.

Milk Treatment

The production of Novamil is strictly controlled throughout the manufacturing stage:

  1. Every delivery of milk from the farm is tested.
  2. All ingredients are measured precisely.
  3. Raw milk is filtered and pasteurized.
  4. Production is done within a closed circuit.
  5. All finished products are tested before release.

These rigid controls allows us to maintain our quality standard, making Novamil a trusted brand worldwide.

Our Promise

We are committed to continuously develop new innovative formulas to meet the nutritional needs of children and to provide the best for your little ones.