Novalac Novamil KID IT

Novalac Novamil KID IT (IT = Intestinal Transit), exclusively formulated to provide constipation relief for your little ones within 7 days, is clinically proven to resolve 97% of constipation cases.

Trust KID IT as the natural nutritional source of formula milk for constipation, providing both tummy comfort and essential growth support for your little one as they take their steps towards a vibrant future.

Formula milk for constipation that is backed by science!

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How does SmartGut360° help to relieve constipation

SmartGut360° to provide 4-fold actions to help children to relieve constipation.

60% Whey : 40% Casein

Eases digestion through a protein ratio of 60% Whey : 40% Casein

The protein blend imitates the balanced protein composition found naturally to support easier digestion and effective nutrient utilization. Whey, which digests rapidly, optimizes stool output and speed. On another hand, casein provides a slow release of protein over time, allowing the small intestine to absorb and avoid tummy upset.

60% higher in Milk Carbohydrates

Stimulates intestinal movement with 60% higher in Milk Carbohydrates*

Milk carbohydrates in the large intestine draw in water, which in turn promote peristaltic
contractions, creating an osmotic push for the stools to be excreted easily.

*Compared to Novalac Novamill Standard Formula Milk Powder.

45% higher in magnesium

45% higher in magnesium to increase the water content of the stool

Magnesium, a natural laxative, helps promote gut motility without the need for synthetic or pharmaceutical interventions. It works by drawing water into the intestines, which softens the stool and helps to avoid painful bowel movements.

prevent hard stool

Contains a golden ratio of calcium and phosphorus 2:1 to prevent hard stool

Maintaining a proper calcium-to-phosphorus ratio helps to keep stool adequately hydrated and prevent the discomfort of hard stool. Too much calcium and too little phosphorus might result in dehydration of the stool, making it harder and more difficult to pass.

Suitable for kids 1-10:

formula milk suitable for kids 1-10

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