Novalac Novamil KID IT

Milk Preparation Guide:

Milk Switching Guide:

Formula Milk Switching Guide

Storage Instructions:

  • Do not consume after expiry date.
  • Always store in a cool dry place.
  • Use contents within 3 weeks after opening.
  • Close the lid after use.

Feeding Guide:

1 to 10 Years
210ml Water
7 Scoops
3 Servings/Day

*Keep in mind, you'll want around 30ml/1 oz of water for each scoop. Whilst the recommended serving is 7 oz to 7 scoop, 3 servings daily, we understand that your little one may prefer more or less formula milk each serving or more or less serving daily! Feel free to customize it to what your little one prefers whilst keeping to the suggested reconstitution ratio!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should drink Novamil KID IT?

Children aged 1 to 10 years who are prone to constipation or children having constipation.

What is Novamil KID IT 1-10?

Constipation is prevalent in 0.7 - 29.6% of kids worldwide. Up to 84% of constipated children suffer from fecal incontinence. Chronic constipation with lack of appetite, leads to chronic malnutrition. Novamil KID IT 1-10 is intended for children who have regular constipation. It adopted a new advanced formula - SmartGut360° - that has a 4-fold action to soften hard stools and improve bowel movement in children aged 1 to 10 years old. It also contains 30 essential nutrients, including Omega 3 and Omega 6, to meet children's daily nutritional needs.

How does Novamil KID IT work for constipation in children?

It relieves constipation in children through SmartGut360° with a 4 fold action:

  • Milk Carbohydrate With bifidogenic effect to promote gut health.
  • Whey/Casein Ratio of 60:40 Ideal protein blend for faster digestion rate to optimise stool formation frequency to 1-2 times daily.
  • 2:1 Ratio of Calcium:Phosphorus Balanced ratio for better calcium absorption to reduce the formation of faecal calcium soaps*.
  • High Magnesium Content : Stimulates intestinal muscle stretching and contraction. It helps to draw water into the intestines, resulting in softer stools.

*Formation of faecal calcium soaps will lead to hard stool.

Can a child younger than 1 year of age use Novamil KID IT?

Novamil KID IT is not intended for infants younger than 1 year of age. According to Ministry of Health, infants should be only breastfed up to 6 months of age. Talk to your paediatrician, if you are thinking of starting your little one on formula feed.

My child faces constipation issues and is currently on pre and probiotics. Can I still supplement with Novamil KID IT in this case?

Yes, you can. Prebiotics are the food for good bacteria; probiotics are the good bacteria. They aid in the fermentation process & increase good bacteria in digestive tract. Aside from pre- & probiotics, it is also necessary to improve intestinal transit time.

The 4-fold action of SmartGut360° from Novamil KID IT supports: 1. the fermentation process; 2. optimises the frequency of stool formation; 3. stimulates the stretching and contraction of the intestinal muscles; and 4. draws water into the intestines, resulting in softer stools to relieve your child's constipation as a whole.

Does my child have to stop drinking Novamil KID IT if his/her constipation has relieved?

It takes 6 months or even longer for the bowels to get into regular motion with proper diet and good bowel practise. Long term intake can continue to ensure an optimal intestinal transit & a complete nutrition for your child.

It is thus recommended that your child continues to drink Novamil KID IT.

Does Novamil KID IT contain sucrose?

Novamil KID IT contains no sucrose to prevent children from developing a sweet tooth and avoid unusual weight gain at a young age.

What quality control and safety aspects are in place for Novamil KID IT production?

The production of the entire Novamil range requires 700 steps of quality control. It complies with the international standards ISO 9001:2000, which include:

  • Milk and water quality
  • Equipment used
  • Process
  • Quality check on finished products
  • Physical, chemical, and microbiological controls

Is Novamil KID IT halal certified? Where is it formulated from?

Yes, all our products are halal certified. It's issued by the Association Rituelle de la Grande Mosquée de Lyon (ARGML) in France, which is recognised and supported by JAKIM Malaysia. Novamil KID IT is formulated in France and manufactured in Germany.

Why are there air bubbles after I shake the milk in a feeding bottle?

Milk shaken in a feeding bottle always produces bubbles, which disappear eventually. It’s best to swirl or lightly shake the bottle horizontally, not vertically. This reduces the production of air bubbles.

Why doesn’t it mix well when I prepare the milk formula?

If you shake the feeding bottle vigorously immediately after adding the milk powder to the water, clumping may occur. We recommend that you roll the bottles in your hands for 5-10 seconds before shaking to make the milk smoother. This will help the milk to reconstitute better. If you continue to have difficulties after following our guidelines, please contact NovaCare Toll Free Line 1-800-88-8115 or send us a private message on
Novamil Malaysia Facebook Page. For more information on milk preparation, kindly check out the Milk Preparation video above.

Can I change the suggested milk preparation instruction?

The number of scoops and amount of water on the label of the can is just right for your child. Your child may become malnourished by changing the amount of powder or water you add, or by using the wrong scoop. Optimal reconstitution ratio of formula is important to ensure your child obtain the adequate nutritional intake.

Call our NovaCare Toll Free Line at 1-800-88-8115 for Nutrition Support from our trained experts. We are available from Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm (lunch hour 12.30pm to 1.30pm), exclude Public Holidays.