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5 Activities on Thoughtful Thursday for Young Children

Every Kid Healthy Week is an annual celebration to encourage schools and families to improve the health and wellness of children. The Every Kid Healthy Week is scheduled on 20th – 24th April this year. Each day of the week shines a spotlight on the great actions that linked to nutrition, physical activity, mental health and learning!

We’re happy to be taking part in spreading the word by posting on our blog every day this week. Today is Thoughtful Thursday!

Being thoughtful means making ourselves aware of the needs and feelings of others and taking action to help them. It is not easy to teach a child whose favourite word is “mine” about the importance of thoughtful. However, there are few ways to make them practice it and showing kindness to people surrounding before they learn about the word “thoughtful”.

1. Encourage donation

Mostly of the time we often try to shield our children from those who are less fortunate, but it’s important that they understand that not everyone has the same opportunities that they have. Try having your kids to pack their outgrown clothes, toys and books to donate to a local organization. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how often kids are moved to want to help, which leads to kindness and compassion.

2. Spread appreciation with Thank You Card

Showing gratitude is one of the best ways to practice thoughtfulness, especially creating your Thank You Card from scratch. It also builds on your kids’ creativity and artistic skills. Here are some ideas for beginning crafters to create their own.

3. Create a kindness zone

Set up a Kindness Zone in your children room. You can create a bulletin board with the heading “Kindness Counts!”. Then write a variety of random acts of kindness on slips of paper and put in a decorated box. The kids can draw one slip from the box and post the completed kind acts on the bulletin board. You can encourage your kids to create posters with positive messages and hang them too.

4. Be a good neighbour

Encouraging thoughtfulness can also through teaching your kids to be a good neighbour. Sometimes, give small gifts are also rewarding! On this day, you can bake cookies or make desserts with your kids and share in the neighbourhood. This act is also the best way to show kids that Sharing is Caring. We have one Creamy Peanut Butter Cookies recipe to share with you.

5. Build a kindness jar

Have a Kindness Jar with your kids and tell them you will fill with a coin every time you notice a kind act. In the beginning, you can explain why you thought that the act was kind when you adding a coin in. Once the kids get used to it, ask them to explain why an act was kind. When the jar is full, you can encourage them to buy a small treat to share with family.