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It may be easy to remove visible eggs from the diet. But you may not be aware of the food products that contain eggs. Therefore, it is crucial to check the food label carefully to make sure the products are free from egg.


Several terms indicate that egg products have been used in manufacturing processed foods including:

• Albumin

• Globulin

• Lecithin

• Livetin

• Lysozyme

• Vitellin 

• Words starting with “ova” or “ovo”, such as ovalbumin or ovoglobulin


The foods that contain eggs that also need to be avoided including:

• Marshmallows

• Mayonnaise

• Meringue

• Baked goods

• Breaded foods

• Marzipan

• Frostings

• Processed meat, meatloaf and meatballs

• Puddings and custards

• Salad dressing

• Pastas


If your kids are diagnosed with egg allergy, best to seek advice from a health care professional to get more information.