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A Comprehensive List of Confinement Centers in Malaysia

When it comes to postpartum care, confinement centers play a vital role in providing mothers and newborns with the necessary support and care during the crucial recovery period. Malaysia is known for its rich cultural traditions surrounding confinement practices, and there are numerous centers across the country that specialize in providing postnatal care. To make things easier for mums, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of confinement centers in Malaysia to help expectant parents make informed decisions about their postpartum care options.

Klang Valley

SN Postnatal Care Centre Sdn Bhd 爱心专业月子中心
Thanks Mum Confinement 陪月中心
Virtuous Confinement Sanctuary
Afterbirth Care Services
Cocoon Postpartum Care
First Month Confinement Retreat Centre
Joie Confinement Centre
Zhen Ai Confinement Centre 珍爱月子中心
Serenity Confinement Centre C/O
Zinnia Fields Post Natal Retreat
Warm Care Confinement Centre
Mommy Mansion Confinement Centre
Bao Bei Er Postnatal Care Centre
Royce Postpartum
Gracie Confinement Centre
YK Confinement Home


Babymom Confinement Home
Mama Wong Confinement Home
Venus Paradise Postnatal Care Centre
Mommy & Baby Home
Mrs Ho & U Confinement


Paragon Confinement Center
Top Full Baby House
Harvest Confinement Centre
Ezion Home Place Confinement Centre
Mummy Kitty Confinement Centre
Yanna Culture Confinement Centre
Auntyling Confinement Centre
Baby Breath Confinement Centre
Sally Postnatal Healthcare
Super Mummy Confinement Centre
Cozzi Confinement Centre
IJ Confinement Center
Lovejoy Confinement Centre
Wuai Baby Confinement
Mommy Love Confinement Center
Ai Confinement Centre
QLady Confinement & Wellness Centre
Cozzi Confinement Center
Ladies Paradise Confinement Center


De Garden Confinement Home
Jia Yi Confinement Centre
Millennium Confinement Center
Destiny Baby Confinement Centre
Mydear Confinement Centre
Fit Soothing Confinement Centre


Apricot Confinement Sdn.Bhd
Okaeri Confinement Centre Sdn.Bhd
Cahaya Suria Confinement Centre
Paramount Postpartum Care

Negeri Sembilan

Dhome Confinement
Two Eight The Confinement Centre
Lullabies Confinement House


Ika Confinement Centre
Kangaroo Care Confinement Centre


Baby Joy Confinement Centre
Quality Confinement Centre


Precious One Postnatal Care Confinement Center
Lovebond Care Centre
Queen Confinement Center
Tulip Mama Confinement Centre
Mama Paradise Confinement Care
Mum Me Services

Choosing a confinement center is an important decision for expectant parents as it can significantly impact the postpartum recovery experience. The aforementioned list of confinement centers in Malaysia provides a range of options catering to different preferences and needs. It is advisable for expectant parents to thoroughly research each center, consider their specific requirements, and consult with healthcare professionals or other mothers who have experienced confinement services. By making an informed decision, new parents can ensure a smooth and healthy postnatal recovery for both mother and baby.