Children learning from home

Children benefit from the positive attitudes parents and teachers foster when learning, educating, building their motivation, confidence and encouraging their interest in the subject.


Supporting children’s learning at home.
The classroom is not the only place where learning takes place. There has been a worldwide closure of schools to promote public health and ‘flatten the curve’ during the unprecedented Coronavirus emergency. To ensure children stay engaged in lessons at home, teachers turn to digital technologies to implement work that can be completed remotely. Establishing tools, family schedules, and checking on work will likely be a difficult adjustment period. Parental involvement will be crucial to ensuring that children are well cared for and teachers are supported in helping children learn from home.


The following tips will help children stay on track with their education when they stay at home.


1. Develop a routine together

Try to establish a routine that includes age-appropriate educational programs that can be watched on television, or online. Also, factor in playtime and reading. Use everyday activities as learning opportunities for your children. And don’t forget to come up with these plans together where possible.

Though it is critical to establish a routine and structure for children and young people, you may find that they need some flexibility in these times. Try a new activity. If you notice your child is restless or agitated while you’re using an online learning program with them, consider more active methods to engage them. Taking part in house chores with your child can be great for the development of fine and gross motor skills. Ensure that you remain as attentive as possible.


2. Communicate openly

Ask your children questions and let them express their feelings to you. Being patient and understanding is essential when dealing with your child’s reaction to stress. Discuss the issue and follow their lead based on what they already know.

Don’t be afraid to let your child talk freely in a safe environment. Open discussions can be sparked by drawing, storytelling, and other activities.

Keep their concerns in mind and don’t minimize them. It is normal for them to be scared about these things, so acknowledge and reassure their feelings. Show them you are listening by giving them your full attention and let them know they can communicate with you at any time.


3. Take your time

Gradually increase the length of learning sessions. For example, begin with 10 minutes and build up from there if you intend to have a 30- or 45-minute session. Combining online or screen time with offline activities or exercises within the same session.


4. Make online safety a priority

Children can interact with their friends, learn, and play through digital platforms. However, the online access of children increases the risks to their safety, privacy, and protection. Therefore, your children should be taught how the internet works, what they need to be aware of, and how to behave on platforms they use, such as video calls.
Decide together how, when, and where to use the internet. Make sure your children have parental controls set up on their devices to reduce online risks. Do manage their online content.


5. Stay involved with your children’s school

You can get more information, ask questions, and get guidance by staying in touch with your children’s teacher or school. For example, make sure your child finishes their homework and other school activities on time. You can also get their teacher’s advice if and when your child is slow at certain subjects. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask a stupid question at times as we are also learning how to cope with children learning from home.



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