Unprecedented time calls for impromptu activities! Even though we are all cooped up at home, we can always inject a daily dose of creativity and imagination where both parents and kids can have a great family time!

We’ve curated a list of fun things to do. Some are best carried out with older children. Enjoy!

#1 Have an Instagrammable indoor picnic

Is there a better time to put on those leftover party props from your kid’s last birthday party;the beautiful rug that you purchased but yet to use; the fairy lights that only shows up during Christmas…there’s no better time to mesh them all up for an enviable picnic with your family!

#2 Film a cooking show à la MasterChef Junior

Be the proud mama or papa that you are to have a little superstar! Get inspired with simple recipes that your kids can be involved in. Pretend that you are hosting a show with your child as the chef. Who knows? There may be a Master Chef Junior in the making. Not to mention a record of the good times to look back to.

#3 Be a builder

Can you withstand the pressure? Get the timer running and have a competition with your kids to see who can build the best house / tree/ car/ flower in 60 seconds! Warning: pitching of artistic visions and heaps of laughter is to be expected.

#4 Chill with a classic Disney or Warner Bros movie/ book

Wind down the day with a good ol’ cartoon classic on Netflix. Introduce your kids to the likes of Robin Hood, Pocahontas, Roadrunner, Dumbo (the list goes on and on!). Or if you like it old school, now’s the time to pull out those story books (remember Walt Disney’s Story A Day?) that you painstakingly collected back in those days.

#5 Drawing and colouring 

Back to basics with papers, pencils and colouring pencils! And for those who are more advanced, water colours are great. Give them a picture of their favourite cartoon and they can spend hours trying to perfect their art, and possibly showing off their proud handiwork to their grandparents on their next visit!

So there you have it! Whilst our daily routines are disrupted during MCO, this change of pace can be the perfect bonding time for you parents, with the little ones. So go on and create those cherished memories.

#StayHome #StaySafe

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