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Quality Time with The Little Ones

Children grow up so fast. How can modern-day parents with hectic lifestyles make the most of those precious growing-up years?

Do you realise that five years equals to 1,825 days or 260 weeks? When you break it down, it doesn’t seem like a long time, does it? It will seem even shorter when you consider the first five years of your child’s life. From birth to her fifth birthday, a child goes through a tremendous amount of growth, learning and new experiences. Before you know it, the kids have flown the nest.

The time spent together during these crucial years of a child’s life is precious; not just for the memories, but also for the wholesome, healthy development of the child. But it’s not necessary to go to lots of trouble or spend lots of money to organise big events or vacations. There are ways busy parents can find pockets of quality time every day with their children. Here are a few ideas:

Do household chores together

Washing the dishes, taking out the trash, feeding the pet… these things have to be done every day. So why not do them together with the kids? Besides having time to talk, performing daily chores will teach children responsibility and ownership.

Prepare and eat meals together

Take the opportunity to teach your children about healthy food choices and grow their interest in cooking and preparing meals. Good nutrition begins from young. But make sure you as a parent are also eating healthily, because your kids will imitate what you do.

Play their games

Instead of just handing toys to your kids, why not play together? Whether it’s a toy cooking set or building blocks, you might be amazed at your child’s lively imagination and creativity in bringing those toys to life.

Enjoy the outdoors

This doesn’t have to be a full-blown camping trip. Even if it’s just a simple evening walk around your neighbourhood playground, it is a thrilling adventure for your little one. Point out the patterns on tree barks, different insects, the clouds in the sky. Instil a love of nature in your child.

Put away your gadgets

This is perhaps the most significant step you can take. We have all seen parents in restaurants, malls and playgrounds whose eyes are glued to screens while their children fend for themselves. Spending time with your child means being there physically as well as emotionally and psychologically.
This article was originally published in the February 2017 issue of HealthToday.