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How to raise a polite child?

When to start teaching manners?

At around 18 months old, a child starts to understand that other people have feelings just like his, so this is the suitable time to start teaching kids’ manners that are appropriate to his age.

The 4 Basic Manners

#1 Please & Thank you

Teach your child to say the magic words “Please”, “May I”, “Excuse Me”, and “Thank you” when asking and receiving favors. Do praise them when he uses them. A child learns by watching and imitating thus makes sure you use these words consistently in your conversation!

#2 Table Manners

You may also start some basic table manners too. Make it a habit for your child to wash his hands before meals. Encourage him to use his utensils and stay seated at the table while eating. Discourage him from throwing and playing with food. These table manners need to enforce consistently at all meal times and remember to practice them yourself too!

#3 Sharing is Caring

Start to guide your child to share his toys or snacks with his friends or siblings. You can also encourage him to take turns playing with toys. Do remember never to provoke children by teasing, ridiculing, belittling, or comparing them with other children.

#4 Respecting Elders

Monkey see, monkey do. You are the role-models in teaching your child on this. Always greet and acknowledge the presence of elders. When the child sees parents giving priorities to the elders, for example when serving food, the child will also learn to do it.

Always remember these changes don’t happen overnight. Thus keeping your voice and tone pleasant when correct your child is the key to success. Along the way, remember to acknowledge them when they do use proper manners: catch them being “good” because they will repeat the behavior you notice.

Teaching Manners