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For the Precious Growing-Up Years

Did you know that it’s been estimated that out of 2.6 million children under 5 years of age in Malaysia, 6.4% are overweight whereas 13.7% are underweight?

That’s quite a number of little ones whose bodies aren’t developing the way they should!

Unless weight issues are addressed in time, there is a high possibility that they’ll lead to adverse effects such as bowel irregularities and weakened immune system for growing children.

Therefore, it is crucial for parents to take good care of their children during their growing-up years. Here are some tips for you that could help to maintain a healthy weight for your child:

Get your child moving!

Your child should not live a sedentary lifestyle. He needs to be physically active in order to grow and develop properly. As loving, responsible parents, spend time playing with your child such as running, walking, jumping, hide-and-seek, swimming and hopscotch instead of being occupied with video games all the time.

Eat well!

Ensure your child is eating a healthy diet which is made up of 25% of grains, 25% of vegetables, 25% of good dairy products, 15% of fruits and 10% of protein-rich food. It is also important for young bodies to be well-hydrated all the time; so parents have to ensure that their children drink about 1.3 litre of fluid per day comprising of water, milk, soup and other beverages. Three glasses of nutritious growing up milk daily play an important role in keeping growing bodies hydrated while providing adequate nutrients needed for the physical and mental growth and development of your child.

Novamil — Balanced Nutrients for Balanced Growth

Novamil is an award-winning brand of growing up formula milk fully imported from European Union for children from one year old onwards. It offers a series of quality formulas namely Novamil IT, Novamil 1+ and Novamil DHA that help little ones grow up balanced in every way. Novamil provides a spectrum of valuable nutrients including 26 vitamins and minerals that growing bodies need. It also contains plant-based Omega 3 and 6, essential fatty acids which support brain and visual development. On top of that, normal stool consistency and easy bowel motion can be achieved with Novamil IT.

Let your little ones experience these precious childhood years in the best of health without weight issues by giving them the best!

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