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Novamil IT is a formulated milk for children 1-3 years old fully imported from European Union. Formulated by a team of pharmacists, paediatricians, dietitians and nutritionists. Novamil IT helps to regulate normal stool consistency and bowel movements in growing children besides giving them well-balanced nutrients such as essential fatty acids, and 26 vitamins and minerals for their mental and physical growth. Comes in pleasant natural milk taste with no sucrose added. Have 3 glasses of Novamil IT to complement your child’s daily meals.

Key Nutrients per serving of Novamil IT (210ml)

  • Lactose 15.96g, Magnesium 17.85mg, Calcium/Phosphorus ratio of 2, Whey 60: Casein 40
    • Softens hard dry stool & improves bowel movements
  • Energy-providing nutrients essential for physical growth
    • Energy 131.46 kcal, Carbohydrates 15.33g, Proteins 4.2g, Fats 5.88g
  • Essential fatty acids
    • Omega-3 (α-linolenic acid) 105.21mg is building block of DHA for brain development
    • Omega-6 (linoleic acid) 1.05g is building block of ARA for visual development
  • Important vitamins and minerals
    • Calcium 158.34mg – Aids in the development of strong bones & teeth
    • Phosphorus 81.9mg – Important for bones and teeth
    • Magnesium 15.85mg – Promotes calcium absorption and retention
    • Vitamin A 122.85μg RE – Essential for maintaining the health of the skin and functioning of eyes
    • Vitamin D3 2.1μg – Necessary for the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus

Yes. It is formulated milk that contains balanced nutrients in proportionate amounts to complement regular meals to support the balanced growth of your child, while maintaining easy bowel motion.

Novamil IT is recommended for its nutrients in proportionate amounts help to soften the hard, dry stool and improves bowel movements. Provide your son Novamil IT 210ml 3 times every day besides his regular meals. You should see changes in stool consistency and bowel movements gradually. However, do consult your doctor if problem still persists without any improvement at all.

Yes your son can continue with Novamil IT since your son is having regular bowel movements. If you want to try another milk to see if your son has good bowel habits, you may consider Novamil 1+ or Novamil DHA. It is understandable to have more options, however, do not worry if your son is doing better with Novamil IT because it is still a balanced formulated milk. Try to also encourage you son to cultivate good eating habits by eating more variety of foods especially vegetables and fruits.