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Novamil KID IT (12x 800g) Free Bear Lunch Box

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Product Features

  • Novamil KID IT is an advanced formulation that contains a combination of SmartGut360° and 30 essential nutrients with Omega 3 and Omega 6.
  • It contain 1.5 times more Calcium, Phosphorus and B complex to cater for kids up to 10 years.

Key Benefit

Milk Carbohydrate: With Bifidogenic effect to promote gut health

60:40 of Whey:Casein: Ideal blend of protein for faster digestion rate to optimize stool formation frequency 1-2times daily

2:1比例的钙:磷: Balanced ratio for better calcium absorption to reduce the formation of faecal calcium soaps that leads to hard stool

高含量的镁: Stimulate stretching and contraction of the gut muscle. Attract water into the intestine forming softer stool


脱脂牛奶、牛奶蛋白、植物油 (棕榈、大豆、椰子)、柠檬酸三钾、磷酸三钙、氯化钙、柠檬酸三钙、乳化剂:大豆卵磷脂、维生素 (A、B1、 B12、B2、B6、C、D3、E、K1、生物素、叶酸、烟酸、泛酸)、柠檬酸三钠、氧化镁、硫酸亚铁、硫酸锌、抗氧化剂 (萃取物富含生育酚)、硫酸铜、亚硒酸钠、碘化钾、硫酸锰、酒石酸氢胆碱

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