Novamil 1+

Novamil 1+ milk formula contains 29 essential nutrients for a well-balanced nutrition. It's enriched with tocopherols (a form of Vitamin E) to boost children’s immunity. 3 glasses of Novamil 1+ will meet 100% daily requirement intake of Vitamin A, B complex, C, K, Zinc and Iron. Novamil 1+ formula milk suitable for growing children between 1 to 3 years of age.

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin K, Zinc, Vitamin B Complex

3 glasses meet 100% RNI of vitamins and minerals



生育酚 (维生素E)


• 保护细胞免受自由基损伤。

• 增强免疫反应。

Omega 3 and Omega 6 from Plant Origin

Omega 3和Omega 6


• 帮助智力和视觉发育。

Omega 3 and 6

融合Omega 3和 Omega 6的


• 提供均衡营养


Sucrose Free



• 天然香草口味且无添加蔗糖。


Growing up kids
Kids with small appetite
Kids on vegetarian diets including dairy products



脱脂牛奶、麦芽糊精、植物油 (棕榈、大豆、椰子)、果糖、葡萄糖、维生素 (A、B1、 B12、B2、B6、C、D3、E、K1、生物素、叶酸、烟酸、泛酸)、天然香草精、乙基香兰素、硫酸亚铁、肌醇、氯化钠、硫酸锌、抗氧化剂 (萃取物富含生育酚)、硫酸铜、碘化钾、硫酸锰、酒石酸氢胆碱、柠檬酸三钙。


用于   100.0克 每分量
蛋白质 g 15.5 4.7
碳水化合物 g 58.4 17.6
脂肪 g 19 5.7
饱和脂肪 g 9.2 2.8
反式脂肪酸 g < 0.2 < 0.1
单元不饱和脂肪 g 4.9 1.5
多不饱和脂肪 g 4 1.2
亚油酸 (Omega 6) g 3.6 1.1
α-亚麻酸 (omega 3) mg 360 108.4
能量 kcal 467 140.6
  kJ 1959 589.7
矿物质   100.0克 每分量
mg 190 57.2
mg 790 237.8
氯化物 mg 475 143
mg 600 180.6
mg 445 133.9
mg 56 16.9
mg 8 2.4
mg 4.5 1.4
μg 120 36.1
μg 350 105.4
μg 35 10.5
维生素   100.0克 每分量
维生素A μg-RE 540 162.5
维生素B1 μg 600 180.6
维生素B2 μg 1000 301
维生素B6 μg 700 210.7
维生素B12 μg 2 0.6
维生素C mg 60 18.1
维生素D3 μg 7.5 2.3
维生素E mg α-TE 4 1.2
维生素K1 μg 30 9
生物素 μg 20 6
烟酸 mg 12 3.6
叶酸 μg 120 36.1
泛酸 mg 2.5 0.8
胆碱 mg 60 18.1
肌醇 mg 50 15.1

每分量 = 210毫升水 + 7勺 (30.1克)奶粉

40 degrees Celsius lukewarm water is the best for milk reconstitution
Add 7 levelled-off scoops of milk powder to 210 ml or 7 oz water for a serving of milk. 1 scoop of powder for 30 ml or 1 oz water.
Roll the bottle 5 seconds between hands immediately after the addition of powder.
Shake the bottle up and down vigorously approximately 20 times until the powder is totally dissolved.
And you're done
Milk switching instructions

Who should drink Novamil 1+ milk formula?
Children aged 1-3 years are recommended to drink Novamil 1+ milk formula complement their daily meal to obtain well-balanced nutrition.

为何选择Novamil 1+?
Novamil 1+ is a milk formula containing well-balanced nutrition with 24 vitamins and minerals. 3 glasses of Novamil 1+ will meet 100 % daily requirement intake* of Vitamin A, B complex, C, K, Zinc and Iron. All Novamil products are specially formulated by paediatricians and gastroenterology specialists to cater the needs of little ones. *RNI 2017 for children aged 1-3 years old

Novamil 1+ 和Novamil KID DHA有什么不同之处?
Both Novamil milk formulas provide children with essential nutrients to promote optimal growth and development. Novamil KID DHA is a premium formula enriched with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids [LCPUFA] from fish oil, prebiotics and nucleotides for parents who are looking for additional nutrients to support the brain development of their children. The nutrients levels in all Novamil range meet the EU Directive, CODEX Alimentarius Food Regulations as well as Malaysian Food Regulations. *RNI 2017 for children aged 1-3 years old

Novamil 1+是否含有蔗糖?
Novamil 1+ milk formula contains no sucrose to prevent children from developing a sweet tooth and avoid unusual weight gain at a young age.

Novamil 1+在生产过程中沿用哪些质量管控和安全措施?
Novamil整体产品系列在生产过程中需经过700个严格的质量管控步骤并符合ISO 9001:2000的国际标准,其中包括:
  • 牛奶和水的质量
  • 使用的设备
  • 生产流程
  • 成品的质量检测
  • 物理、化学及微生物管控

Novamil 1+是否获得清真认证?它是从哪里配制的?
Yes, all our products are halal certified. It's issued by the Association Rituelle de la Grande Mosquée de Lyon (ARGML) in France, which is recognised and supported by JAKIM Malaysia. Novamil KID IT is formulated in France and manufactured in Germany.

1岁以下的小孩适合饮用Novamil 1+吗?
Novamil 1+ is not intended for infants younger than 1 year of age. According to Ministry of Health, infants should be only breastfed up to 6 months of age. Talk to your paediatrician, if you are thinking of starting your little one on formula feed.

把奶倒入奶瓶中摇晃必会产生气泡,但气泡最终会消失。建议最好以旋转的方式或轻轻地左右晃动奶瓶 (而不是上下摇晃)以减少气泡的产生。

If you shake the feeding bottle vigorously immediately after adding the milk powder to the water, clumping may occur. We recommend that you roll the bottles in your hands for 5-10 seconds before shaking to make the milk smoother. This will help the milk to reconstitute better. If you continue to have difficulties after following our guidelines, please contact Nova Care Toll Free Line 1-800-88-8115 或通过 Novamil Malaysia 脸书专页 . For more information on milk preparation, kindly check out the Preparation tab.


拨打我们的Nova Care免费热线 1-800-88-8115 以向我们的营养师索取营养资讯。我们将于周一至周五,上午9点至下午5点 (午餐时间中午12点30分至下午1点30分)为您提供服务。公共假期除外。


First time my boy tried in Novamil. The taste of Novamil is more natural and less sweet. The milk is smooth and easy to serve. He like it very well, will keep on to let him consume Novamil.
Saya syorkan ibu- ibu di luar sana patut memberikan susu tanpa sukrosa ini kepada bayi anda. Susu amat digemari anak buah saya. Dan pastinya saya akan membeli lagi.
This formula is better than the other product because it is suitable for all my children even with 2 years age gap. It’s a complete meal and has a good taste so they enjoy drinking it when they are fussy with food.
This is one of the best formulas so far, the nutrients are complete and sufficient for my growing child. I use this for all 3 of my kids and it seems to fit their needs through the different growing stages
Good formula for my son and daughter age 1 & 3. Both gaining weight correctly and are happy and healthy.
My in-laws use this Novamil milk for my niece and nephew, they are healthy and can stay focused in kindergarten. I switched to this product 2 months ago and my child’s appetite has improved.
My sister recommended this milk to me when my son turn 1yo, I was first worried to switch to formula but he seems to drink it easily and has not experienced any bowel problems like most children.
First time using Novamil, no complaints so far. Has a nice flavour that makes drinking milk taste nicer
My wife uses this milk for our first child. It has a lot of nutrition provided to my son. Recommend to other mothers.
It has a pleasant natural milk taste and my son will request a bottle-full of Novamil 1+ especially in the early morning and before going to bed. We are happy our son finally finds his favorite milk that he loved and would drink it regularly.
I like to give my son this milk because it has no sucrose, well balanced diet for my son to grow up healthily in an era that is driven by added sugars in all products.

Learn About Your Children’s Physical Development

Children’s physical development is a complex process that is influenced by many factors, including nutrition. Growing up formula milk is a type of milk powder designed to provide the essential nutrients required for optimal physical development in toddlers. Hence, it is important to choose a formula milk that can provide complete & well-balanced nutrition for children.

Did you know?

Infancy (0-1 years old): During infancy, physical development is rapid. Babies triple their birth weight within the first year of life and grow an average of 25 centimetres. They also develop the ability to control their head and neck movements, sit up, crawl and eventually walk.


Toddlerhood (1-3 years old): In toddlerhood, children continue to grow and develop rapidly. They gain about 2 to 4 kilograms per year and grow about 8 centimetres. They also develop fine motor skills such as grasping objects, stacking blocks and drawing.


Childhood (4-9 years old): During childhood, growth slows down, but children continue to develop physically. They gain about 3 to 5 kilograms per year and grow about 5 to 8 centimetres. They also develop gross motor skills such as running, jumping and throwing as well as more complex fine motor skills such as writing and using scissors.

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